April 20, 2024

Lab Corp Ig Antibody

Ig Antibody

GWB-AAFF51 2 mg Ask for price

Igg Antibody Laboratories manufactures the lab corp ig antibody reagents distributed by Genprice. The Lab Corp Ig Antibody reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact igg antibody. Other Lab products are available in stock. Specificity: Lab Category: Corp Group: Ig Antibody

Ig C Antibody

EUR 255
Description: Available in various conjugation types.

Ig Antibody (Biotin)

1 mg Ask for price

Immunoglobulin (IG) Antibody

200 ug
EUR 1011.6

Ig Antibody (TRITC)

1 mg Ask for price

Ig Antibody (FITC)

1 mg Ask for price

Salmonid Ig Antibody

0.5 ml Ask for price

Ig Antibody (HRP)

1 ml Ask for price

Ig Antibody information

ComfyTempTM Portable Incubator

CTPI-300 each
EUR 1100

AgileExtractorTM Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

AE-32 each Ask for price

chemiBENCH TM Chemiluminescent Imager

CBI-110 each
EUR 19500

ComboMiniTM Horizontal Electrophoresis System (110V)

CBMN-7 each
EUR 500

ComboMiniTM Horizontal Electrophoresis System (220V)

CBMN-8 each
EUR 530

40 x 0.2mL block / 8 x 0.2mL strip

CDBI-24-A each
EUR 80

24 x 0.5mL block

CDBI-24-B each
EUR 80

15 x 1.5mL block

CDBI-24-C1 each
EUR 80

15 x 2.0mL block

CDBI-24-C2 each
EUR 80

8-12.5 x 12.5mm cuvette block

CDBI-24-D each
EUR 130

4 x 15mL block(lid can't be closed)

CDBI-24-E each
EUR 120

2 x 50mL block(lid can't be closed)

CDBI-24-F each
EUR 120

ComfyBathTM Mini Dry Bath COOLING (base unit only, blocks are all optional)

CDBI-CL-24 each
EUR 550

ComfyBathTM Mini Dry Bath HEATING (base unit only, blocks are all optional)

CDBI-HT-24 each
EUR 350

AgileCycler TM (384-well PCR microplate, gradient)(color touch screen)

AC-384 each
EUR 4300

single 384-well PCR microplate block

AC-384-B each
EUR 2400

AgileCycler TM (48 x 0.2 mL + 30 x 0.5 mL dual block, gradient)(color touch screen)

AC-48N30 each
EUR 4300